IMG 0668One of our priorities of work of the nursery is searching for the puppies future owners. We are experiencing that the puppy was in good, responsible hands. After signing the contract of sale for our relationship with the puppy far from over.

Always try to maintain contact with the new owners throughout the puppy's life. Help to solve problems and advise.

For you we try to choose "your puppy". For this we need to decide whom you want to see near you: a companion, assistant, athlete, or show dog.

Permanent contact between the buyer and the breeder is very important. The new owner of the puppy passes a certain period of adaptation. Therefore, it is desirable for us to know your lifestyle, your needs, to be able gradually to prepare your puppy to the change of residence. For you also should be interesting how grows and develops your puppy till 2 months. That's what our mutual communication.

In order to accurately guide the choice of future owners of 7 weeks are tested to the character of puppies.

The white Swiss shepherd dog - smart, sensitive, attentive, loyal, attentive and very obedient dog. It is easy to train. The perfect family dog. She needs companionship, mends well with children and Pets.