IMG 0805The white Swiss shepherd dog in recent years has become a "fashion breed". Such interest do not benefit the breed. This fast reproduction, risky, proven mating, the development of defects. Appear unregistered puppies.

Before allowing prospective parents prior to mating is necessary to conduct a series of analyses and tests. This is done in order to get good quality dogs and to be sure that the puppies will grow healthy and beautiful. Breeders who do not practice the test for future parents have only the purpose of selling puppies and making money.

Areas of focus in order to choose a puppy, we suggest that you visit several kennels. Need to see the parents, their behavior, accomplishments at shows, the conditions in which dogs live and will be born puppies. Talk to the breeder. He knows all the good qualities and disadvantages of their dogs. Not something you hide. In different nurseries of different pictures of puppies. Try to choose puppies with the best ratio price-quality. Prices on puppies vary and within the kennel. For service dogs, sports dogs one price, but for show dogs and for breeding other.

For detailed pricing information please contact us.

For booking we are card waiting area and input your contact information, the name of the future parents and approximate birth date. We take a Deposit of 30% of the cost of the puppy.

IMG 0791Puppies from parents with a good pedigree, participating in exhibitions, Champions of different countries, officially tested, cannot be obscenely cheap, considering the cost, time, and the work of breeders. Take into account the beauty of the parents, the quality of the puppy, its care and socialization.

Do not buy puppies without pedigree, even if they are inexpensive. In this case, you are not immune from genetic disorders that could pass on to the puppies, and called into question the conformity of the breed. The low price may subsequently return to considerable costs for the vet in case of health problems or you may suffer from unpredictable behaviour of the dog if the puppy was not socastee. Without the pedigree of your dog is considered purebred.

Don't rush the choice. This is not a lottery. Make a conscious choice and your dog will live with you on average 10-13 years. I wish you a successful choice of a puppy.